Café Mezclado

Café Mezclado

The blended coffee for Caffè Torre

In summer a cool and pleasant alternative to coffee is the blended coffee, let’s see how to prepare it!

First of all pre-cool it in your freezer a martini glass, the most suitable to serve the blended coffee.

In a shaker put 6 ice cubes and 4 teaspoons of sugar (normal or cane one). As an alternative to sugar, you can also use liquid sugar that melts perfectly, and leaves no residue.

After that prepare two cups of “Caffè Torre” coffee in your favorite blend and, still hot, pour it into the shaker.

Close and shake vigorously for about 15 or 20 seconds.

Pour into chilled glass only the coffee, without the residue of ice cubes.

And now you will get your delicious blended coffee by Caffè Torre!

(doses indicated in the recipe are sufficient for two people)

This basic recipe can be enhanced with a dash of vanilla liqueur, amaretto or whiskey cream.

Find your favorite blend of Caffè Torre for your belended coffee:

– 60% arabica and 40% robusta (Blend Prima)

– 30% arabica and 70% robusta (Blend Trenta)

– 0 caffeine (Blend Noca)

– 100% arabica (Blend Arabica)

– 100% robusta (Blend Robusta)

You can buy online complete Caffè Torre kits from our shop!

Do you have any recipes whit coffee ingredient that you want to share with us?

Please send them by email, maybe with some photos, and we will publish them in our blog!


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