The production of coffee is essentially concentrated in the areas between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Therefore, in a warm and dump climate, with temperatures between 4 and 37 ° C.

The first ten manufacturing countries of coffee are: Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Guatemala and Uganda.

Around 60 different kinds of plants exist in the world belonging to the kind coffea but only two of them are on the top in the commerce of coffee grains:

– Coffea Arabica

– Coffea Canephora also said Robusta (Strong)

Coffea Arabica

It has quite small and intensely perfumed grains, copper green with blue tones and a flattened and lengthened shape, with a vaguely S-shaped furrow. It has a content of caffeine is between 0,8 and 1,6.

Arabica represents the 3/4 of the world production. Great producers are Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ethiopia and Guatemala. The most known varieties are: Moka, Typica, Bourbon, JamaicaBlueMountain, Maragogype.

Coffea Robusta

The kind Robusta (Strong), so called due to the vigor of the bush, the resistance to diseases, bugs and heat, has round, smaller grains, with an almost straight furrow, pale green with gray tones.

It has a high content of caffeine: between 1,5 and 3.

It is produced in Indonesia, in Brazil, in Ivory Coast, in India, in Uganda, in Madagascar and in many other countries, among which Vietnam.